Pilea Moon Valley Plant Care

Are you yet to come across this weird-looking plant? Or do you already own this wonder? Pilea Moon Valley is a gorgeous specimen to grow indoors, super interesting to the eye with those dimpled leaves.

Besides, this tropical plant seems to be flowering all the time, gifting you with pink and white flowers throughout spring and summer!

Plant ID:

Pilea ‘Moon Valley’ (a.k.a. Pilea Mollis, Pilea Involucrata, Friendship Plant) from the Urticaceae family.

Plant origin:

Native to Central and South America.

Difficulty Level:



Your Pilea ‘Moon Valley’ (or Mollis) will enjoy bright indirect lighting conditions. Be mindful not to place it directly under intense sunlight, as that can scorch its leaves.


Keep it moist by watering it as soon as the soil begins to dry. Be careful not to overwater as these plants are susceptible to root rot.

Droopy leaves? These often tell you that the plant is being under-watered.


While this specimen will enjoy higher levels of humidity, it can thrive in average household conditions with regular misting of its foliage. If you want to get creative though, this would be the ideal candidate for a terrarium!


Gift your Pilea Moon Valey with a well-diluted fertilizer every couple of weeks to monthly during the growing season.

Pilea Involucrate Plant Care aka Pilea Moonvalley


Cuttings tend to root easily. If you want to have a bushier plant or multiply your specimen, be sure to start your propagation journey at the beginning of the spring. Cut a couple of stems off your mother plant and place them in water until a root system develops and it is ready to be set in soil.

Extra humidity would definitely help, so we would suggest that you keep your cuttings in a small greenhouse or plastic bag (with some holes to allow your plant to breathe, of course).

Soil and Pot:

While this plant can be happy in both porous and plastic pots, be mindful of its watering preferences. If you are a heavy waterer, definitely go for terracotta pots which will help you keep your plant from potential rot!

On the same note, the soil mix should be of quick drainage and dry easily. We like to mix regular soil with succulent mix and perlite.

Pet Safe:


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