Lady laughing with her plants.

Plant Care is Self-Care

Peace and quiet, joy and happiness.

Probably some of the things most of us wish to find when getting home from a long and stressful day.

Some could suggest that the difference between someone who’s happy and someone who’s not, lies in the number of enjoyable experiences they let in. The number of times they take a few minutes off a day to notice something beautiful around them and put on a smile for that!

In what ways can your indoor jungle help you experience these happy moments?

Surely you all know the answer and can start to think of a few of those moments that help you feel positive emotions when around your plants.

Do you care for one plant? Or do you have a whole urban jungle set up?

The number of plants you care for doesn’t matter and you should keep it simple and take it slow.

Take this as an exercise to be reminded of the following:

You have plants because they make you happy and therefore you are not looking into overwhelming yourself into a routine you are not used to.


Mother and Daughter caring for their outdoor garden.


And in what ways is plant care, self-care? 

  • Stressing day or moment in your life in general? Your plants allow you to take time off everything and everyone around you.
  • Watch your plant(s) change and mature. You know your plant and you know when it tells you something. As you notice your plant’s needs, make the effort to also notice your own. How does your life feel different as the seasons change? How do you feel on those days you have a boost of happiness (a.k.a. the watering day for your houseplants) compared to those days you have to stay at work overtime (a.k.a. the day your plant desperately needs a drink and there’s nobody around to notice it)?
  • And now… how do you feel when you spot new growth on your plant (let it be a new leaf or even root development)? Exactly! No words needed.
  • Use your plant time as an excuse to have some YOU time as well. Meditate your way through your home jungle!


Plant lady sewing among her plants.


How can you use your plants as an escape from routine?

First and foremost, never forget not to let your plants become yet another task you rush through at some point around your busy schedule. Keep this passion enjoyable and healthy by doing something different every day. Here are a few ideas (but again, I don’t mean for you to have a calendar or any type of agenda… let it flow!):

Day 1:

  • Having breakfast on your own today? Take that cup of coffee to one of your plant corners you normally don’t spend as much of your time at. Calmly and quietly, as you enjoy your drink, notice how each plant is different since the last time you have stopped to look at it. Just take that green beauty in and remember why you brought that specific plant home in the first place. How did you feel as you walked out of the store holding your new baby?

Day 2:

  • Dedicate a specific time slot, even if only every couple of weeks to check the leaves of your plants and clean them with a damp cloth. They will love it and your house will shine once you’re done. That will definitely make you happy too!

Day 3:

  • Have you decided to bottom water your houseplants today? Then allow them as much time as they need to soak up that moisture and, meanwhile, take the chance to do some yoga, reading, sewing, or whatever else you love but never find the time for.

Day 4:

  • Put on some music and throw a spa party under the shower or hose. Only you and your plants! You will certainly enjoy the moment and your plants will thank you for the days to come.

Day 5:

  • Turn on that humidifier. Even if you have been forgetting it in the corner for a while. The machine will do the whole job on its own and your home will be fresher and cleaner. The air will be lighter in every way around you! Remember to feel thankful that your plants made you get it.

Picture of a girl looking behind a large leaf.

Just like roots develop underneath the surface before a plant puts out leaves, we need to love ourselves alone before taking our energy into loving others…

Enjoy your plants and let them enjoy you back! In the end, plant care is self-care and that, plant friends, is the perfect excuse to get more and more…!

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