Pets & Plants

Pets vs. Plants

Pets vs. Plants

We have previously presented a list of toxic houseplants that can be dangerous to your pets, and also gone over some houseplants that are completely harmless. Besides those two important learnings, wouldn’t it be great to be able to keep your plants safe from your furry friends? Cats are territorial.…


25 Non-Toxic & Pet-Friendly Houseplants

We have previously gone through a list of toxic houseplants that can harm your pets or children in varied ways. But what about non-toxic and pet-friendly houseplants? Well, let’s dive in… For someone who loves living around greenery, it is absolutely necessary to know what are those worry-free houseplants out…


30 Toxic Houseplants & Cacti

While houseplants are a beautiful addition to your home environment, as the perfect living decor items and an important air cleaning agent, you must also be aware of their potential danger. Specifically, if you share your home with pets or have children, it is important to understand how to keep…